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What’s Growing?

July 24, 2009

It is true that sadly I am an hour away from the garden I labored so much for in May.  But with a happy new home with my husband, it is only a matter of time until things start blooming and new harvests arrive.

When we first moved in, I took it upon myself to make an herb (plus two pepper plants and a tomato plant) garden out of an old sandbox.  Today, it’s doing quite well considering it was overrun with ants and.. well, yes, sand.

Sandbox Garden

Sandbox Garden

Recently, F. & I acquired a mini-tiller. With this magical equipment, we’ve been able to recreate the lovely garden at my folks’ house that Dad created using his “Big Red” mega-tiller. The mini-tiller is nice, as while F. worked today, I was able to till and set up our garden. (After an initial till worked through by him..)

Freshly Tilled Garden

Freshly Tilled Garden

So far, I planted a couple zucchini plants, a yellow squash plant, a cucumber plant, some bush bean seeds and some zinnia seeds… we shall see what pops up soon!

There is still plenty of space, as I only used a row and a third out of what I’m guessing will be three full rows. Autumn planting is coming soon, and I’ve just placed my seed order yesterday… I can’t even recall everything I ordered, but I simply cannot wait!

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