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Baby Artichokes

July 25, 2009

Baby Artichokes

Baby Artichokes

It is true that they do not appear endearing. They masquerade as quite the opposite- baring pointy leaves to try to dissuade those who would dare take on the task of cleaning them up for consumption.
     Fear not though. These little fiends are deliciously earthy tasting with an aftertaste reminiscent of unctuous liver or truffles… yet, vegetal all the while.  I will tell you how to clean these suckers. Then you can be a sucker devotee of my blog by teaching you how to savor these little warriors.
artichoke1    First, you want to pull back the first few layers of leaves until they are smooth and unblemished.
Once your baby artichoke looks like this, it’s time to prepare his stem. You want to take your vegetable peeler (I prefer the old fashioned ones without frilled, just a movable blade) and peel the stem.
artichoke4      Once your artichoke is all peeled down and up, he’s ready for a little trip. Just take your knife, and trim off the top of the artichoke to the pale yellow/green part. Then, trim the black tip of his stem.
hartlwedding 014   Now your little guy is all ready to go. Probably, you will never be preparing just one baby artichoke and likely you will have many more to prepare prior to the commencement of your cooking. In these cases, your prepped baby artichokes need to take a swim so they don’t brown.
artichoke bathSo just prepare some bathwater for your artichokes and add in the juice of a lemon.
In my case, I braised my artichokes in water with lemon, olive oil, fennel seed and a bay leaf.
So good

So good

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