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Handy Time Savers

August 10, 2009

Two things frequently used in my recipes are Garlic & Onions. My love for them rivals that of the love I have for my husband. Most all savory recipes, I feel, are enhanced if not by both, by at least one of these key ingredients.

Also frequently, I don’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen. So, in lieu of making a mess, I reach my hand in my freezer and pull out my little time savers.

two minced heads of garlic

Frozen Chopped Garlic – I use my garlic press on two whole heads of garlic to lovingly create a mass of chopped garlic. I wrap this beautiful and fragrant pile in parchment paper, then roll it up in aluminum foil. Whenever I need a clove for a recipe, I merely remove a wedge with a butter knife.

Frozen Onions – Likewise, chopping an onion can be a hassle when there is no other vegetable prep going on in the kitchen for the evening. I follow the same method as with the chopped garlic. I’ll dice five onions on an afternoon where time not of the essence, and then into a plastic bag and into the freezer. Then, I just reach in for a handful whenever recipe calls for a quick onion fix.

With these simple time front-loaders, I can prevent cleaning up a cutting board & knife, merely by opening my freezer.

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