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Les Bouquinistes

April 1, 2010


F. & I had lunch yesterday at Guy Savoy’s restaurant Les Bouquinistes on the Left Bank of the Seine. I took the set menu of entree, plat, et dessert and F. had a plat.

My entree was a sweet pea cream soup with crispy mushroom batons with salad. The chilled soup was refreshing and light compared to the savory mushroom batons, and the warmed salad complimented them both very well.


My plat was the celery ravioli with minced beef. What it turned out to be was medallions of celery root sandwiching braised beef patties. I thought it was an innovative way of recreating a braised meat dish. The “ravioli” were served with two small scoops of celery puree, a sauce, olives and a garnish of micro greens. Then, the waiter finished the dish by adding celery root sticks and baby white mushrooms in a butter sauce.


F’. had a delicious and perfectly cooked steak with seasoned potatoes cakes served in its juice with a roasted shallot and marrow medallions on toast. The marrow was unctuous like  what you would find in organ meats (such as liver or kidneys) and was incredibly smooth but a little too gelatinous for our tastes.


Finally, for dessert creme brulee with tangy clementine sorbet and almond brittle.


The meal was a great dining experience. The waiter was attentive and very professional, with his own preparation table in the dining room. My only qualm is that my glass of red wine had a fair bit of cork inside.

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