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Garden Party

April 9, 2010

Mr. Broccoli greets you first in the garden; a cheery “hello!” from between his leaves. 


You see the Sweet Peas have tackled their first climb up the trellis.


And at the end all huddled together, Baby Radishes waited next to the rows of their Turnip cousins. Not having thinned the rows at all, their greens are like a group of women in ball gowns gossiping close together, their skirts smooched and squeezed and popping out at every source of space.

Weeded, they weep about like they’ve fainted. The date is past the scheduled harvest time. You wonder if they’ll ever be any good. 


Cousin Turnip is still clearly in need of a weeding… You envision the small harvest that will come. Planted too compactly and without enough spacing, the yield will be tiny. 


More promisingly sprouts the spinach. Their seeds were sown a bit after all the rest after a packet of leftover seed from last year was found laying about.


And finally, your dear friends Mr. Chiogga and Mr. Detroit Beets, followed shortly by their friends, the lovely and dainty Misses Nelson Carrots arrived to the Garden Party.

IMG_3455 IMG_3447

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