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Beet Harvest

May 23, 2010

Two different types of beets (Detroit & Chioggia) have been hanging out in the garden since mid-March. Their leafy tops all bustled together were beautiful, and their fullness had me believing they were ready to come up. 


The resulting harvest was a meager success. To remove the clinging wet soil coating the roots and tangled in the leaves, I lined them up on our deck bench and took the hose to them. We ended up with many more beet greens than beet roots!


IMG_4126  IMG_4165

Dinner tonight was a product of what was on hand and simple enough to make.


I took a nice handful of the beet greens, onions, a potato, a few cloves of garlic, one egg and two left-over whites together for a healthy beet greens Spanish tortilla.  First, I peeled and thinly sliced one Yukon gold potato and then microwaved them for 1.5 minutes.


Over medium high heat, I then caramelized half a (leftover) red onion with half a white onion in 2 TB butter with 1 TB oil (about ten minutes). Then, I added four pressed cloves of garlic and 1 cup sliced beet greens to  the hot skillet, sautéing them about two minutes. I reduced the heat and in went the eggs. With the skillet covered over medium low heat, the dish cooks in a just under ten minutes, or until the top is set.


The resulting tortilla was a simple savory dinner. Paired with a green salad, or even more sautéed beet greens, it’s filling vegetarian meal.


Here’s a photo of the roasted sliced beets. The Chioggia beets are the light ringed ones, the Detroit beets are the dark red lovelies.

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  1. Leigh permalink
    May 23, 2010 9:06 pm

    You are becoming quite the gardener !!! I am so glad that I was able to give you something……the love of dirt !!!

  2. Leigh permalink
    May 23, 2010 9:07 pm

    Because we know I didn’t give you any cooking skills !!

  3. lizounette permalink
    May 23, 2010 9:35 pm

    thanks, Mom! If only I had inherited your green thumb… next year I will soak my beet seeds before planting for sure!

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