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New coop, new hens

October 20, 2010

They say that chickens are addictive. Once you have some, you want more. Boy, is that the truth! Long ago, nearly a year ago when we got our first three hens, after but a month or so I wanted more. We were not yet permanently settled though, and my darling F. denied my pleas. “Once we buy a house,” was the refrain. And as you know, we recently bought a home. Therefore, buying new hens was just around the corner!


Their old coop, by all means was by far much too small. So to house our beautiful birds they had to have an upgrade from their teeny house of yesterday. Christened “The Poulet Palais,” our hens now have a veritable palace in which to roost!


So we went out to the country, and bought six new hens: two Rhode Island Red started hens, two Barred Rock baby pullets and two Ameraucana pullets to join our flock of two Buff Orphingtons and one Ameraucana. Say hi to the babies!


And what do you know? After two months of our flock molting and not getting a single egg, even after the stress of transport, we got two eggs today from our new RIRs!


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