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R.I.P. Baby

November 6, 2010


Today, Baby was murdered by a hawk.

I saw the scattered feathers and not a bird in sight. One barred rock twin was in the coop. I looked under the porch, where the girls often like to peck and saw a large winged creature. She was heaving up and down with her wings spread out shielding her, protecting her area of focus.

I screamed for F. and screamed for him to bring his gun. He shot at the bird of prey, but she flew away, carrying Baby’s body into the yard before flying off alone into the air.  The site of Baby’s body was gruesome.

The hawk cried from her nest in our yard. Two other hawks circled overhead. F. shot at the wounded killer in the tree repeatedly until her cries ceased.

The other hens were silent. I was so fearful they too had been killed. However, they were huddled beneath the protection of the trees. We tried to herd them into the coop, but they just grouped together in the thick of the briars, mourning the loss of their sister hen, Baby. Rest in peace, Baby. 


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