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Black Face’s First Egg!

February 7, 2011
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Jan Daring Bakers 042

While I don’t yet have children, yesterday I was the happiest “mom” in the world. One of my darling Ameraucana pullets laid her first egg! I’m pretty sure it was my dear Black Face. She’s the only Ameraucana remaining form our initial pullet purchase and the largest of the three we have. “Blanca” and “Little Black Face” are both considerably smaller than her, so I’m fairly certain this sweet egg was hers.

Jan Daring Bakers 051

It’s more of a robin-blue colored egg than Madame Poule’s whitish green eggs (pictured right). Madame Poule’s egg weighed 2 ounces, and the little egg weighs in at 1.25 ounces. The yolk was a beautiful orange, too! F. fried it up to put it on a biscuit he had picked up driving home this morning from an errand; it was really the perfect size!

Jan Daring Bakers 055

I’m looking forward to many more pullet egg, soon! Bonnie and Betty should be just behind little Black Face! Way to go, girls!

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