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March 7, 2011

Here in the South, we are Spring-ing into action. The temperatures have been warmer. The days are getting longer. And we all seem to be holding our breaths before confirming, Yes, Spring is here. Most years, we’ll have episodes of Sweet Spring only to have Old and Cold Mister Winter come blow away those blissful days for another reprise of the cold.

This weekend, however, I dared to believe in Spring. I believed the warm was here to stay, and I got to it, springing into action. There was much much to do. And today, I feel like I’ve been beaten by an army of ten and I’ve had a limp all day at work from my exertions. But it’s a comfort to know eventually I will actually enjoy fruits from my labors.


First, I dug up some ugly bushes that surrounded our desk. In their place, I planted 6 blueberry bushes.  Then I planted 5 raspberry plants along our Northern fence line.  I made notes of the varieties so that later I can gauge which types worked best.

Eggs 059

After all that planting, I planted some more. I planted a row of greens in the front yard.


Yes, all this was very ambitious of me. But there was rain in the forecast, and I could only see that as inspiration to get everything in the ground so they could have a feast. Boy, did they feast. It rained all day on Sunday. Hard. So hard I’m a little worried my little seeds may have bene washed away. So for now, I’m holding my breath. Not in wait of Winter, but in wait of more Spring Seedlings popping up.

In the meanwhile, I’ve got some tulips to keep me company.

Eggs 056

And a stray daffodil or two. Happy Spring, to you!

Eggs 055

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