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Gorgeous Garden

July 5, 2011

late june 11 102

The garden is looking luscious. One dahlia plant opened up. It’s so gorgeous it makes me giddy.

late june 11 103

The tomatoes are hanging heavy. I counted 66 tomatoes hanging in my driveway garden. I even made these geeky diagrams of what’s growing on.

Garden Photo June

And drawn out more completely showing the mess of tomatoes with their count.


You probably want to see those other plants. They’re right here.

Driveway Diagram

So things are growing well. I’m trying to germinate some late season squash and cucumbers, after having lost my squash recently to blight. Here’s a photo of it. Weird stalk decay.

late june 11 082

It’s okay though. The squash’s decay just makes room for new stuff. I planted beans here, both yellow wax and green bush beans. This part of summer is so fun. Stay tuned for fresh tomatoes soon!

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  1. Leigh permalink
    July 6, 2011 6:49 am

    Your Coneflowers look good too…..such pretty colors !!

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